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Adverse drug reaction feedback:0532-68019759


Mr Chairman

We have always been committing to pharmaceutical industry for thirty years.

Guohai Group has always been adhering to the tenet of "conscientious medicine, assured medicine, affordable medicine". It creates the famous brand with high-end biotechnology. It has developed into the diversified business health industry cluster

with pharmaceutical R&D as its core. It has always been committing to building a big health industry aircraft carrier enterprise .

In the trend of world health industry development, Guohai Group makes full use of the 30 years’ pharmaceutical R&D technology advantage and establishes the development strategy which could not only cure the present disease but also prevent future disease. It has planed a new blueprint of the specialization, internationalization, high-end health industry. “Quality is the cornerstone trusted by customers” is our consistent pursuit and is also our awareness about health industry development.

We always pay attention to the strength, depth and breadth of independent innovation and R&D and launch serial, qualitative, high-tech health products. We serve the healthy life for the 1.3 billion countrymen and 7 billion global consumers.

A great career needs more people to participate in. Here, I, on behalf of Guohai Group and its business division, welcome friends sincerely!

Guohai Group is backed by health partners forever. It is sure to build a platform of trust, respect, wealth for the dreamers who want to have a greater development in the health industry.

We hope, in the future, wherever there are health markets, there are the Guohai Group, its fine service and sincere heart which is to hope countrymen have strong physique.

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